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Saving You Time & Money On Your Property Tax Bill


"Our taxes for our commercial property was over $13,000/year. Real Estate Works 4 U did a phenomenal job! The appraised value was at $765,000. The county offered $403,000. The evidence provided by Real Estate Works 4 U got us a huge reduction. Our value is now $180,180 and our taxes are $3,183. We saved over $10,000. Wow! That's money back into our business."

Rex Guzzman

As a banking professional, it is essential that we manage funds responsibly and provide value to our customers and share holders. By using the services of Real Estate Works 4 U, our bank was able to save over $30,000 in property taxes in one year. Our area of expertise is banking, thus we rely on Real Estate Works 4 U to render their expertise in Property Tax Reductions.

S. Ranks

"I'm a real estate agent and I know what the market is, but I did not have the time or want to deal with the government. My property was valued at over $1.2M, and when Real Estate Works 4 U completed the process, I saved over $5,000 in my property taxes. This is the best deal in town. They handled the entire process from beginning to end. All I had to do was to wait for my $2,300 refund check."

Jacob Hodes

"I own a vacant lot and I felt that for that small parcel of 0.2 acres that my taxes were too high. After Real Estate Works 4 U completed the appeal process, I saved over 74% on my property tax bill in 2015. I only wish I had started the process years ago."

A. Jones

“Customer service is the driving force behind my business and when I contract out services to other companies, I expect the same high level of service. Real Estate Works 4 U worked on my behalf to reduce my property taxes. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism and the results achieved. Thank you!”

M. Brown

“I did not have the time, knowledge, and patience to attempt to "do it myself". But it was important for me to be able to trust a company. Real Estate Works 4 U was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding.

T. Adams

"I am an out-of-state property owner and I was overwhelmed by the high property tax bill I received. I was very pleased with the results achieved by Real Estate Works 4 U. I saved over $800 the first year. I strongly recommend the company because of their commitment to serving me money."

Anna Coleman

"I'm a real estate investor and I own numerous properties in various counties. My focus is on continuing to build my business, and I don't have the desire or time to deal with government officials. When I contracted with Real Estate Works 4 U, I felt confident that the company would do an outstanding job. And in deed they did, I saved over $10,000 because of the lower property tax bills. Now, that's money in my pocket to do more investing. A job well done by Real Estate Works 4 U!

Carswell Lee