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Saving You Time & Money On Your Property Tax Bill


Property Tax Service Agreement & Authorization 

Real Estate Works 4 U, LLC (Agent/Consultant) will represent the owner or the owner’s authorized agent (hereafter referred to as Client) before the County Taxing Authority. Real Estate Works 4 U is hereby authorized and empowered to act on behalf of the client concerning all property tax matters to include correcting any errors by the county. By signing this agreement, you agree that Real Estate Works 4 U will be responsible for the property tax matters and appeal for the property/properties identified below or attached as Exhibit A for tax year 2019 and subsequent years unless revoked in writing by Client prior to the end of January of any subsequent years.

Property Address:_______________________________________________________


The following will be done by Real Estate Works 4 U, LLC:

1. Initial review and determination consultation

2. Filing an Appeal

3. Review Property Record Card

4. Receive, review, and respond to all notices and or documents from the taxing authority

5. Represent the client at the Board of Assessors or Board of Equalization hearing (if warranted)

6. Recommend (if warranted) filing an appeal to County Superior Court whereas there are fees that will be a direct pass thru to the client and a separate agreement is required

For the services contemplated, Client agrees to pay Real Estate Works 4 U, LLC a one-time fee of $____per property and ___ of the tax savings for the first year which represents the year the tax is appealed. "Tax savings" are defined as the difference between the assessment carried by the assessors at the time a tax return is filed, or the proposed assessment shown on the notice of Value, whichever is higher, and the final assessed value after the appeal is complete, times the tax rate If applicable, as a result of Real Estate Works 4 U efforts, a separate fee of 50% of tax savings is applied for refunds secured for prior years. Real Estate Works 4 U may have mailing address changed to company’s address so that all property tax appeal communication will be mailed directly to Real Estate Works 4 U.

Payments: The one-time fee of $____ is due upon signing the agreement. The tax savings percentage is payable within 30 days after the savings have been approved by the Board of Equalization or the County’s governing authority and/or receipt of Real Estate Works 4 U, LLC invoice or statement. Beginning 30 days after the invoice date Client agrees to pay a $25 late fee per property per month. If payment is not received by Real Estate Works 4 U, LLC within thirty (30) days of the invoice or statement date, Real Estate Works 4 U, LLC will be entitled to reimbursement of all expenses related to collection, including, but not limited to attorneys’ fess.

Terms and Limitations: Client acknowledges Real Estate Works 4 U, LLC has given no assurances or guarantees as to the outcome of the client’s appeal, hearings or judicial proceedings. Further, Real Estate Works 4 U, LLC makes no representation as to the time it may take to process Client’s appeal once it has been submitted.

Owner/Authorized Agent: ___________________________

Date: ______________

Email Address: ____________________________________

Phone #:__________________ Agent/Consultant:___________________________________________________ Date: ____________________

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Real Estate Works 4 U, LLC

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This document serves as our agreement, letter of authorization to represent you, and to receive county property tax appeal correspondence.