REAL ESTATE WORKS 4 U - Saving You Time & Money On Your Property Tax Bill
goal is to lower your Residential or Commercial property tax bill.  Our team of experts research, analyze current market data, develop strategies, prepare the required documents, and if necessary, meet with the governing authorities on your behalf to lower your property tax bill. 
We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you save your money by reducing your property tax bill. 
Stop Paying Too Much In Property Taxes-Appeal

1.  Did you purchase a property in 2017?
2.  Have your property taxes increased in the last few years?
3.  Do you feel you pay too much in property taxes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a property owner that is paying hundreds to thousands of dollars more in taxes than you should be paying.

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We Provide
  • Initial review to determine if your circumstances warrant a property tax bill reduction
  • File your appeal
  • Receive, review, and respond to all notices from the taxing authority
  • Representation before the Board of Equalization or Hearing Officer with evidence that supports a property tax bill reduction
  • Recommend (if warranted) filing an appeal to County Superior Court whereas there are fees that will be a direct pass thru to the client and a separate agreement is required
  • Communications (email) on the status of your appeal
  • Review of the following year taxes
  • Service To You
Appeal Filing and Representation 
  •  $295/property  and
              12.5% per year of the tax saving 
Flat Fee Appeal Filing
  • $1,000 (Purchased in 2017)
Multiple Properties In The Same County
  • 3-5 Properties:     $250
  • 6-15 Properties:   $200
  • > 16 Properties:   $150
  • 12.5% per year of the tax saving for each property
Property Tax Reduction
1 Property
Price: $295.00
Multiple Properties
3-5 Properties (Price/Property)
Price: $250.00
Multiple Properties
6-15 Properties (Price/Property)
Price: $200.00
Multiple Properties
> 16 Properties (Price/Property)
Price: $150.00
Board of Equaliztion Hearing
Representation at BOE
Price: $500.00